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About us

Established in 2010, The Scottish Mental Health Co-operative (SMHCOOP) is a not for profit umbrella body that aims to represent the collective voice of local mental health service providers in Scotland. We seek to complement the work of national organisations and strengthen the profile of mental health in Scotland by listening to the views of people who use our services, working with them to campaign and influence local issues and contributing to national agendas.


We also aim to work with relevant statutory agencies and non member organisations in order to best achieve objectives.


SMHCOOP currently includes the majority of local mental health organisations and associations in Scotland – supporting over 13,000 people every year, employing 730 staff, and involving around 700 volunteers.


Member organisations have a combined annual turnover of around £18m.


Current Members


Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health


Glasgow Association for Mental Health


Health in Mind (Edinburgh)


Action in Mind (Stirling)


East Dunbartonshire Association for Mental Health


Birchwood Highland


Recovery Across Mental Health


Flourish House


SMHCOOP Members have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience and the network acts as a unique and valuable resource for Member organisations. The Co-operative disseminates information, provides opportunities for collaboration and creates a space to bring forward issues and challenges in a confidential and safe forum.  

SMHCOOP has also collaborated on a number of local and national projects including the delivery of programmes of work funded by the Scottish Government and See Me. Find out more about our Age in Mind and Self Directed Support projects by clicking here.

As a national body, we also plan to identify a range of practical membership benefits which will support local organisations.

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